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Free Fishing in Michigan in February 2024


Feb 8, 2024

There is normally a permit required to fish and hunt in the State of Michigan. For two weekends every year, however, anyone can come and fish for free! Next weekend, February 17 – 18, 2024, folks of all ages are allowed to go fishing anywhere in our beautiful state without a permit.


Are you sad because there isn’t any snow, so you can’t enjoy your favorite winter sports like skiing or snowboarding in Southwest Michigan? That doesn’t mean there aren’t still fun things left to do in the great outdoors! Whether and your family enjoy outdoor pursuits like fishing or hiking, or you are just looking for a quiet getaway to spend some quality time with your best friends, you can come stay at one of our 4 available lakefront vacation houses. Here you can unplug from the daily grind, drop a line in the lake to try to catch a few, or just kick back and take in the beautiful views while warming yourself around our fire pit.


Space is limited, so book your reservation for groups of 2 to 22+ people today!

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